We created Promotional Bear & Commemorative Bears of Jazz & Arts Festival in Fort Langley 2019.

We created a Mascot of Aldergrove Fair 2019 and small aldy on the Moon 2019.

We have special gift for your love, family and friends.

Memory bear and Turn your old coat into a Teddy Bear!

We restore your memories and Create New ones.
Teddy Bear Hospital

Teddy Bear Restorations & Stuffed Animal Repairs.

How to make your own teddy bearTeddy Bear Workshop

It is really easy to make a teddy bear from fur fabric with Julie Ko.. Julie( Hyunju) has been a teddy bear artist for 20 years, she will help you make your lovely teddy bear.  Feel free to contact us If you have any questions.


Artist teddy bear Themed decoration for Business & Rental Service, Musuem & Gallery for Exhibition.