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The history of Teddy Bears

Toy bears have been with us for well over a century. The name ‘Teddy’became associated with bears after president Teodore Roosevelt declined to shoot a black bear cub;and event depicted in a political cartoon drawn by Clifford Berryman.

At roughly the same time, a successful toy company-founded by seamstress Margarete Steiff, a name well know to all antiue bear enthusiasts-had been developing its bear design under the enthusiastic eye and drive of Magarete’s nephew Richard, and went so far as to sketch the animals in the zoo for inspiration.

Today, bear-making as an art form in its own right has been embraced by a vibrant, diverse and growing community that include many full time artists and makers who produce stunning work, and who indulge in friendly competition for awards and acclaim. It is also an appealing and rewarding hobby to many who sew at home in their spare time.